Woodside Trail Cottage

From $259-$329 at night

Private cottage with deck and large hot tub outdoors

2 Guests
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
free wifi
About The Woodside Trail Cottage

The Woodside Trail cottage is nestled a little farther into our woods. This two room, one bath cottage features a queen sized hypoallergenic feather bed. The kitchenette includes a mini sink, microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, ice machine, and a mini fridge stocked with soda and water on your arrival.

The living room consists of a comfortable couch and two heavenly gliding chairs just waiting for you to settle yourself in to watch movies on the big screen TV. A duel window fireplace lets you watch the fire from either the living room or the bed room.

The bedroom also has a TV and back door leading to a private deck with a wonderful Hot Springs Tub. The water is always hot and ready for you to slide in and enjoy the awaiting water therapy. On the outside wall, speakers connected to the amp player inside allow you to relax in the hot tub while listening to the music of your choice.

The bathroom has an extra large floor space and a shower. Your towels will also be toasty warm when you get out of the shower after hanging on our heated towel rack. The bathroom features two doors one leading to the living room and one to the bedroom so if you stay with another couple no one has to walk by someone sleeping.

Are you coming with another adult? The living room has a Queen sized Murphy feather bed that pulls down from the wall, not one you might put a relative on but comfortable enough to accommodate a third person.  NOTE: No children or pets permitted.  

Woodside Trail Cottage



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