Rosewood Room

From $129-$229 at night

Most expensive bed in Missouri you may sleep in!

2 Guests
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
free wifi
About The Rosewood

A unique experience is yours as you focus on this signed half-tester queen size bed made by renowned fine furniture makers of the 1800’s, Mitchell & Rammelsburg.

Your surroundings will nestle you to a peaceful sleep. Queen-size bed, private bath with original to the mansion claw-foot tub/shower. This was Helen Garth’s room originally, as it had the largest closet and did originally have a door to his room (now Avie’s Room).

Mrs. Garth put in the claw foot tub and original marble sink in 1900 after John died in 1899. Please note you do need to step into the claw foot tub to take a shower.  NOTE: No children or pets permitted.

Known as the most expensive bed in Missouri that you can sleep on, you will be surrounded by many beautiful period pieces.

The Rosewood



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