Breakfast at Garth

Always fresh and never rushed

Our Breakfast

Enjoy a delicious breakfast, the most important meal of the day, at our Missouri bed and breakfast. Some of our very best country inn recipes and secrets are served for breakfast. Come see why presentation is not the only thing our B&B guests rave about.

What is to be served for breakfast varies. Always the freshest of fruits warm breads. Hot entrees, either sweet or savory are on the menu each morning. We are always giving guests new reasons to come to breakfast, despite the amazing comfort of our feather beds. We are happy to accommodate our guest’s special dietary needs. So make sure when you make you reservation you mention them. Watching the carbs? We can handle it. We aim to please, and breakfast is one more way we get to do just that. Enjoy!


Time magazine at one point listed 12 different types of Vegetarians/Vegans. I think there are really either 6 or 7. Meat, no meat, with or without faces, some only eat berries, and some eat absolutely everything when is no one is looking! One of our favorite guests tells me she is vegan, unless we are serving bacon or filet mignon. And she is serious, we love her! She’s trying! So when making your reservation, let me know just how much of a vegan you are.

Gluten, Dairy, Meat and Eggs?
We can make a great breakfast with each of them out of the picture. Just let us know before you sit down for breakfast and we will do our best to whip something up just for you! We even have a great recipe for muffins without eggs, wheat or animal by products like gelatin. If you are gluten-free please mention if it is a way of life verses a true medical condition so we can watch any gluten cross-contamination.

Business Traveler?
Our business travelers usually need breakfast early. Depending on how early we can always offer a fresh fruit cup (which is generally at least a dozen different fruits) and a great muffin and/or yogurt. This is served any hour, just let us know how early you need to be at the plant, hospital, office or whenever your travels take you that day.