October 27, 2020


When John and I arrived at the mansion years ago, we served breakfast the way we were taught.  Coffee ready at 7 a.m. and breakfast served at 8:30.  That went on for quite some time.  Then we had some wonderful young college students come from Poland to work for the summer.  If you are some of the many folks that have stayed with us for years, you will remember Asia and Ania.  (pronounced Aah-sha and Aan-ya)  I actually took them on a few trips while they were here.
I took them to visit Texas and Michigan.  At this time we realized,  when on a little get-away you should not be told when to eat breakfast.  Now this is just my humble opinion and many inns do it other ways.  This is what makes us all different and wonderful.   We say some come for the bed and some come for the breakfast.  Hence, we now serve breakfast anytime between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.  If you are late, we will save the fruit and muffin for sure.  But, too much later and all bets are off.  It becomes up for grabs.  But, the fresh fruit and pastry will still be there for you.
Yes, the coffee and tea is ready by 7 a.m. and if up earlier there is always the Keurig machine.  The beverages are always 24/7, including the sodas and waters.
We love for you to come and stay and try our breakfasts.  If you have dietary stuff going on, it is not a big deal.  I actually enjoy doing a little dance in the morning and making sure everyone gets their gluten, vegan or vegetarian meal.  I can even cook for a Jain vegetarian.  I might even try doing that myself one day.

Lots of Friends

When it is your turn to pick the location choose the place, decide on the food you can sometimes feel overwhelmed.  We are really good

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