Sparkle vs. Sparkling

November 2, 2020

Sparkle vs. Sparkling

These two words are very similar but in reality very different if you are as picky as I am.

Point being I ran out of some of the best Sparkling Sugar, King Arthur’s is the best, and wanted to purchase more but in a larger quantity.  I found a sparkly sugar and when buying in bulk (5 flipping pounds) I saved quite a bit!

So, the larger amount arrived.  I get out my little funnel which I sold at The Main Street Kitchen Store for years.  Of course, it was not small enough.  

So, I do the ole trick of making one with an index card.  Great!  The small canister is filled and I can shake it out easily on top of my muffins and scones in the morning to make them sweet and cute.  They make your apple pie picture perfect.  We say we are ‘churching’ them up a bit and my friends in Europe call it ‘tarting it up.’  Either way, they look prettier and this sugar is great on top of sugar cookies, too.  They truly do make them sparkling! 

BUT!!  As you can see there is a huge difference between the two sugars.  When I run out, I will order the better of the two and always the King.

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